Item of the day

I have to admit, I’m not a big fan of the Birkenstock slippers trend, but these Givenchy slippers are on a different level and I would definitely not mind owning a pair of these. I’m obsessed with tropical prints and compared to plain, black Birkenstocks, these are very feminine and cute AND cool at the same time. LOVE! Find them HERE

P00092262-Floral-print-leather-sandals--STANDARD P00092262-Floral-print-leather-sandals--DETAIL_2

Day off

Such a nice, very hot day here in LA today. We did our usual coffee run to Alfred this morning and then hung out in Larchmont village and did some shopping. They have some really cute boutiques there and I got a couple perfect Summer dresses. Will probably wear them in outfit pics very soon;)



Light colors kinda morning


A lot of mornings in LA are very grey and boring (like this one) and then the sun comes out around noon. This was one of those morning.. Now I’m working and the sun is shining outside – typical!! Decided to brighten up this grey morning with some light colors. Now it’s soo hot, I had to change my shirt into a t-shirt!





Shirt from Gant//Jeans from Koral Denim//Booties from Sam Edelman//Bag from Michael Kors//Sunglasses from Ray Ban

Flared jeans kinda day


After about 3 years of owning these jeans from CARMAR, they’re still one of my favorites. (I find it kind of hard to find good flared jeans nowadays). CARMAR is a brand that is sold exclusively at LF Stores (I usually shop at the one on Robertson blvd. in West Hollywood). I have three pairs of jeans from this brand, and they’re all sooo good.  I love to get the flared jeans kind of long so you can wear them with heels – makes your legs look miles long. I definitely think that flared jeans is the most flattering jeans style on most body types.





Jeans from CARMAR (Sold at LF Stores)//Top from REHAB CLOTHING//Blazer from H&M//Bag from BRICS